Technology Organization Design

Aligning people and processes to reach technology and business goals




Team Members


Internal Customers

Client Situation

A hybrid technology and business organization was shifting responsibilities. The organization needed to work with various sales channels to support their business needs on a new e-commerce platform.

Many of the sales channel were new to the organization and the organization didn’t have the correct support staff to ingest new technology needs.

Our Approach

I first took an assessment of what the organization needed to accomplish. Once the future needs were documented, I could identify key gaps.

The gap analysis provided the leadership an insight in to what areas needed support.The main gap existed in channel management –the group that would act as internal technology liaisons to the various sales channels.

I crafted a workshop with the key leaders and existing subject matter experts. I focused on goals first.What did the group want to accomplish? Then I created metrics, action plans and personnel plans that aligned directly with the organizations new goals.

Client Benefit

The result of the workshop was a detailed organization chart, standard operating procedure, task tracker and 30-60-90 day action plan.The director was able to quickly align his resources around the plan execute immediately.

During the workshop, I identified gaps in the new team and created job requisitions and a hiring plan.The organization could then serve their new sales channel customers.