Hand Written Product Requirements

Pen to Paper

I’ve spent countless hours in front of a computer trying to define a new software product with business and technology leaders. Without a doubt, we always end up on a whiteboard trying to answer basic questions: what are we trying to accomplish with our new product? who is it for? what are we not focusing on? how much money is this going to make?

In the digital age, there is still a need for putting a pen to paper. Whiteboards just don’t have the templates product managers need.

That is why I created handreqs – templates for hand-written product requirements.

Who this is for

These templates are designed for the non-technical and technical alike. Over time, everyone will end up interacting with technology organizations to build new products.

These templates empower anyone to go from “wouldn’t it be cool if…” to a clearly defined technology product idea.

New Product Overview
New Product Vision
New Product Tiers
New Product Scope
Business Value Checklist
New Product Flow

How to Use Hand Written Product Requirements

New Product Overview

Start with the basics. What are you really trying to accomplish? Who are you doing it for? Don’t get ahead of yourself.

New Product Vision

Use this template to discreetly define exactly who you are targeting, what value you will give them and how you are different than alternatives.

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