Non Client Projects

I work on a number of projects outside of my client work. I have lead teams, been a member of teams and worked on my own. Projects often align to a number of categories. I'm constantly learning and finding new ways to challenge myself.

Below are a number of projects I've worked on grouped by year.

To read about specific client projects, visit my company page - Ervay Lamar.


rPi Customer Feedback Kiosk

Currently building a hardware and software device for customers to give instant feedback on customer experience in a physical store or service center. I'm using Raspberry Pi, Python, SQLite, Flask and Pygal.

NASA Space Exploration

Working with Space Apps to bring NASA's annual hackathon to Dallas. The Space Apps hackathon brings teams together to solve pressing issues around space exploration and the journey to Mars.

Texas Business Consultants

TXB Consultants is a fully functioning non profit consulting firm that is run by students. The goal is to prepare students for business and consulting careers.

Housing Investment Model

I built a financial model that evaluates capital gains and losses from buying or renting property and compares the difference when excess capital is invested in the market

Dividend Investment Strategy

Six month project to reverse engineer an investment strategy with returns consistent above the market from capital gains and dividend income.

Practical Minimalism

A satirical book on how to apply the principles of minimalism in your everyday life.

Hand Written Product Requirement Templates

Handreqs is a set of templates for non-technical people to design and define product requirements. No whiteboard, wireframing or coding required.

Management Consulting Class

I developed the curriculum for a new class at UTD on management consulting. The course covers firm structure, client interaction, methodology, case studies and actual consulting projects.


IoT Security Patent

A new method emerges for authenticating an end user or Internet of Things (IoT) or Web of Things (WoT) device for one or many public, private or hybrid network systems or a combination thereof. This method allows for a network computing environment to provide authentication services and supports one or more strong multi-factor authentication methods allowing for encrypting and tokenizing session authentication transactions. An authenticated environment resulting from this mechanism is linked to either or both a user or device via a public, private or hybrid network communication which may include use of a crypto-synchronization handshaking or other crypto protocol over which data is transacted or a combination thereof

Downtown Dallas Life

I created a single page application (SPA) to generate day time or night time activities in my neighborhood. The applet is written with inline CSS and Javascipt. Don't judge.

Lifestyle Tracking with Google Docs

I created a system to track daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals and metrics with a visual dashboard with a rewards mechanism using Google Forms and Sheets. This increased my tracking adoption by over 100%.


Venture Capital Assessment Model

An evaluation method for venture capital fund partners to identify, analyze and assess technology investment opportunities and grade them against each other


A portable, leather-bound dry erase book for sketching, note taking, diagramming and brainstorming

Practical Business Value

A methodology to extract maximum value out of Agile development projects focusing on real, actionable financial metrics


90 Day Italian Language Course

A systematic method to learn the Italian language in less than 90 days by sequencing activities, using the Pareto law and simulated immersion


Building the Salesforce Infrastructure

A framework for sales executives, sales managers and business owners to develop and improve their sales group. It is often said that nothing happens until a sale is made, so the sales group must be properly designed and properly managed. This book covers methods to build, improve and manage an effective sales force.

The Proactive Job Search

The Proactive Job Search covers how to pick the right career field, learn about it via informational interviews, evaluate your assets and develop a strategic action plan for your career

Patent for Olympic Sports Device

A physical device that attaches to the end of a firearm that allows a user to increase their accuracy (from 20% to > 90%) of moving targets based on fundamental principles of aerodynamics and trigonometry.

The Q-TAC Alignment

A model for the basis for quality in any manufacturing or process environment.This book covers the method for defining, designing and implementing a process control for true quality in operations. Quality = Timeliness + Accuracy + Consistency

Interpreting Financial Statements

A concise course to train professionals and students in a ratio-based approach to reading and evaluating financial statements. The goal of the program is to teach basic concepts and the ability to quickly apply ratio-analysis to determine the economic health of an organization.

Cold Brew Coffee Lab

A failed experiment to create a new process for brewing and storing cold brew coffee. Pre-3rd wave coffee.


Random Music Generator

An Excel application that generates random musical notes, signatures and tempos to be performed on guitar. No fear of AI composers any time soon.

B-School Alumni Association

Founding member of the young alumni association at the Jindal School of Management at the University of Texas at Dallas


Random Workout Generator

An Excel application to generate bodyweight routines grouped in upper body, core and lower body exercises. Over 20 billion combinations of workout routines.

Equity Valuation Model

A financial model to value individual stocks based on discounted cash flow, dividend discount model and comparative ratio analysis

Decline Curve Analysis for Oil and Gas Development Projects

A financial model to analyze expected production and associated economics of development projects including a dynamic decline curve


Hindi Grammar Guide

A short guide to the grammar, alphabet, vocabulary and language of Hindi prepared for USA-based humanitarian aid workers in India. An overview of the morphology, grammatical structures, pronunciation, syntax and lexicon of the Hindi language.


Hindi Language Program

Team member and class leader of first-ever Hindi langauge program at the Emerging Language Task Force at the Defense Language Institute at the Presidio of Monterey

Shakespeare in Hindi

Translation of original Shakespeare sonnets in to Hindi during my language program at the Defense Language Institute

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