Enhancing Product Pricing Strategy

Uncovering over $20 million in revenue in existing products




Million Dollars per Year


Percent Time Reduction


Thousand Percent ROI

Client Situation

A leading Fortune 500 airline had an increase in the purchase of ancillary air products for early check-in.The increase in demand caused a sharp decline in the relative value of the ancillary product, as it was time and position sensitive.

The marketing leadership knew they had a challenge in changing hard-coded information in the configuration settings. Simply filing a new price structure would not solve the problem. Code in multiple customer-facing applications needed to be simultaneously updated.

Our Approach

I first started with a work session with the business and technology leaders.This included backend and customer facing applications, databases, interfaces, e- commerce, digital and testing groups. I mapped out flows and business rule dependencies.

By focusing our efforts on the foundational applications, I was able to rely on pass through updates and reduce our efforts by 40%. Just two applications needed to change.

Client Situation

I coordinated a cross-application release with in-house and third party solution providers for technology services.This release was the first cross application for the hybrid technology-business organization.

I delivered a new technology release in less than 6 months that resulted in $20m per year in net benefit - the highest ROI in company history.

In addition to the bottom line improvement, customers saw an increase in value of the product because the demand was controlled.