What I'm Up to Now

I have no goals or plans, right now. So I am creating space in my life to figure those out.

Are you working on something cool? I've got the time.

My wife and I decided to spend some time in San Diego. We were married this year in La Jolla and love the area so much we wanted to move out here for a while. I am working with a consulting firm in San Diego. My focus is on helping companies deliver highly profitable technology products that customers love.

I'm applying to a PhD program with the University of Leicester. I'm working through a  research proposal on adapting and managing technology innovation. They have a stellar program and will help me grow my academic career as an educator and a researcher.

I abandoned my pursuit of a PhD. So, I don't have any real goals anymore.

I'm cooking my way through a number of books right now trying to grow my skillsets as a home chef - Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan and Sat Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat. Both are phenomenal.

I'm training to do more cycling, perhaps much longer rides. Now that I'm on the west coast, the weather is perfect to cycle year round. I recently picked up a gravel bike and can't wait to break it in.

My wife and I want to use my academic studies, love of cooking and cycling as avenues of travel. Not sure how, still trying to figure that out.

If you could help with any of these things, I would greatly appreciate it. Please reach out.

- Austin

San Diego | Dallas | NYC

Last updated August 2019

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