New Market Growth

Identifying new market growth for alternative energy vehicles


Fueling Stations



Client Situation

A large, multinational oil and gas production company was in the process of identifying new opportunities for natural gas vehicles.Their strategic initiatives group was tasked with creating new markets for ground transportation fleets to switch from diesel to compressed or liquefied natural gas vehicles.

At the time, their focus was on Texas – due to the Clean Energy Triangle and its 17 L/CNG fueling stations.

The organization had been successful but needed to answer the question – what do we do next?

Our Approach

I took an analytical approach to the successful fleets that had adopted L/ CNG as a fuel source. I analyzed fleet size, power requirements, transportation routes and potential return on investment.

After creating a fleet market screen, I interviewed L/CNG subject matter and experts to understand the potential benefits of switching from diesel to a natural gas source.

I ran a number of potential market opportunities through the fleet market screen and identified high potential markets.

Client Benefit

The organization received a clear, actionable direction for new markets to pursue. I delivered both primary and secondary markets within the Clean Energy Triangle.

In addition to new markets to pursue, with potential value, I created sales and marketing documentation to show the total benefits of shifting to a cleaner energy source.

The organization had a direction and the necessary tools to acquire new market share.