My chiropractor threw some serious shade at me

A few years ago I visited my chiropractor for a knee and hip injury. After seeing him for a few months I was basically healed - which is a miracle.

Then I went to NYC with my (now) wife for the holidays. We spent all day walking, enjoying the city and being obnoxious tourists.

I came back and my knee pain was worse than ever. I told my chiropractor about it.

"I think its because we walked for 15+ miles a day in New York. All on concrete. And I was wearing these boots that don't have good flexibility and a little bit of a lift on them."

All this was true. But he didn't buy it.

"You know, so many people when they have problems try to place the blame outside of themselves. And the walking probably made it worse. And shoes can make a difference."

I nodded in agreement, hoping that was it.

"But, did you stretch every day?"


"Did you keep up with the mobility exercises?


"Did you foam roll or ice?"

Not even once.

"Its not your environment that is causing the problems. Its you."


He wasn't wrong. He gave me a strict protocol to follow. When I follow his protocol my knee pain and mobility issues I've had since I was a kid go away. I've had multiple doctors tell me I need surgery, but my chiropractor was able to fix my injuries naturally. Even the USAF deemed my injuries too much for service.

But if I follow his protocol, I'm healed.

It was easier for me to stop doing what I should be doing and blame my circumstances for my (continued) problems.

My chiropractor made me feel like an idiot. But he wasn't trying to.

I know exactly what I should do. If I follow the protocol, I will get the results.

This probably applies to other areas. But its easier to keep my head in the sand and pretend it doesn't. There's no application for health, finance, business, sales, marketing, development, relationships or anything.


Or maybe there is. Who knows.

And yes, I stretched, foam rolled and did my mobility exercises today. Right before sitting down to write this.

- Austin

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