My career is not my passion

I’m not really passionate about management consulting.

It’s just something that I do.

I’m passionate about creating. And building. And solving problems. And serving others. And making those around me slightly better.

Consulting (sometimes? Or maybe once in a blue moon?) allows me to do those things.

Cooking let’s me do all of those things. Most days I would rather be in the kitchen creating meals for people I care about. Or strangers. Or anyone.

When you cook for someone you are giving a piece of yourself. It is an act of service. And it is an act of creation. You take building blocks and turn them in to (hopefully) delicious products. And you do it for someone other than your self. And you create it to simply put a small moment of joy in their life.

What better way to live your life than to build things and serve others?

Management consultants aren’t going to change the world.

But chefs and cooks change the world every single day.

And if I keep cooking, creating and serving I actually think I can, too.

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