Fortune 100 Process Integration

Integrating financial processes in a crossfunctional environment


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Client Situation

A Fortune 100 financial institution acquired a smaller financial institution to consolidate operations and assets. The executive leadership had a long-term plan for process integration, but needed a short-term solution.

The individual fulfillment centers had challenges adopting new processes to adhere to technology integration.The senior leadership new a solution was coming but morale was low, errors were high and operating expenses due to overtime was rising.

They needed an immediate solution.

Our Approach

I knew there were challenges, but had to first find the root cause of the problems. I mapped out the entire process flow of fulfillment – across 5 different organizations.

I took this map and combined it with personal interviews with each department. I identified high value and low value activities and pain points – areas with higher re-work or processing times.

These areas become the focus of improving operations. I created a solution and beta tested with new employees before rolling it out across the 250+ person organization.

They needed an immediate solution.

Client Benefit

The fulfillment center had a number of benefits including a 95% reduction in errors, significant reduction in operating expense and a boost in employee morale.

The beta test group became the highest performing group in the entire organization.

One department alone saw a decrease in overtime of over 50%, saving the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars.