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But it is not true that I am self-made. Like everyone, to get to where I am, I stood on the shoulders of giants. My life was built on a foundation of parents, coaches, and teachers; of kind souls who lent couches or gym back rooms where I could sleep; of mentors who shared wisdom and advice; of idols who motivated me from the pages of magazines (and, as my life grew, from personal interaction).

I had a big vision, and I had fire in my belly. But I would never have gotten anywhere without my mother helping me with my homework (and smacking me when I wasn’t ready to study), without my father telling me to “be useful,” without teachers who explained how to sell, or without coaches who taught me the fundamentals of weight lifting.

A Request for Help

I try to start as many conversations as possible with the phrase: how can I help? As a consultant, I work to understand my client needs and identify unique ways that I can provide value. As a student mentor, I coach and support students along their academic and professional paths. And as a university lecturer, my sole focus is on preparing students for careers in management consulting.

Inevitably, the more you help people the more they ask how they can help you. My goals and ambitions are in constant flux on a micro level. But, my macro, large-scale goals often remain the same. I decided to formally document my areas of help.

So, if you are ever inclined to help me - and I hope you do - here are ways you can.

I want to become a world-class university educator.

I am an adjunct lecturer at the University of Texas at Dallas. But, my future beyond this position is still yet to be defined. So, I need help securing future teaching positions in universities.

Also, I want to improve my teaching skills. I want to meet the best educators and learn from them. I want to bring industry leaders to my class and have them meet with students. I want to bring together academic peers, industry leaders and students to exchange ideas on how to improve business and technology.

I want to build large-scale, problem-solving technology.

I want to build technology that help people. I have contributed to designing and building over technology products that deliver over $1 billion in annual value. I want opportunities to work with teams to build products that matter to customers. This can be as a consultant, advisor, employee, follow, leader or most anything in between.

If you know someone who is building tech (software or hardware) that is in need of a strategist-analyst-execution team member, I want to meet them.

I want to regularly publish on technology, finance and business.

I’ve been a published writer at every stage of my career. I want to continue writing in leading publications. I’ve had over 6.2 million readers, 120 syndicated articles and have been featured in 14 or so publications around the country.

I would like to be featured in publications like:

  • Harvard Business Review
  • Inc
  • Forbes
  • NY Times
  • Men’s Health
  • VentureBeat
  • Esquire
  • Wall Street Journal
  • The Economist and their peers.

I want to speak at events, universities and conferences.

I have guest lectured at universities, conferences and leading companies. I want to continue to speak on topics around product development, management consulting, the future of work, employee enablement and technology.

I am open to panels, large lectures, small gatherings and most things in between. My goal is improve my speaking skills and share the knowledge and experience I have gained.

I want to continue to add new adventures and skills to my personal life.

  • I want to become a world-class chef.
  • I want to learn how to surf, sail, SCUBA dive and fly a plane.
  • I want to live abroad as a consultant and educator.
  • I want to climb v5 and above bouldering problems.

I want to grow my knowledge and exposure to certain fields.

I am inquisitive and curious by nature. I find myself reading constantly. There are a number of topics I would like to have more hands-on exposure to. I don’t have a clear definition of what that means. Perhaps you do?

Some of these topics are:

  • Robotics
  • Minimalism
  • Environmentally friendly and grid-neutral living
  • Space exploration
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Remote working
  • Professional selling
  • Social engineering
  • Jazz music theory

As always, if I can be of any help to you at all, please let me know. I hope to encourage you to develop your own list of how people can help you. Focus on your areas of improvement, share it with those around you and then get back to helping others.

So, how can I help?

This post was inspired by my very good friend Mason Pelt.

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