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Ervay Lamar partners with clients to design, build and launch technology products that provide direct benefit to end users

How Clients Benefit

Less Money Wasted

We've worked with clients to develop financial business value metrics, methodologies and processes to determine the right projects and products to work on based on Practical Business Value.. A recent study suggested that over 87% of client projects were not directly tied to a specific strategy or metric.

Less Time Wasted

We've worked with Fortune 100 clients to develop and execute requirements gathering processes in both Agile and Waterfall environments. Clients have experienced 300-500% increase in time to development.

More Value to Customers

Clients have determined the appropriate products and features to prioritize to deliver real value to customers. We focus on customer-centric design, development and launch of technology products which in turn results in increase in revenue, customer retention and customer satisfaction.

Project Case Studies

Product Pricing Strategy

Custom Productivity Tracking App

Technology Organization Design

API to White Label

New Market Growth

Process Integration


What People Say about Our Work

Services and Expertise



We work with clients to design technology solutions to business problems. We start with "wouldn't it be cool if.." and end with clearly defined requirements and documentation for development teams to begin building.



We work with clients to prioritize the right projects and products that align to business objectives, financial success and customer requirements.


We work to define requirements, plan projects and products and manage the end-to-end execution on time and on budget.

austin higgins

Austin Higgins


I speak the language of modern business and translate customer-facing needs in to actionable plans to build and ship fully-functional technology projects and products. Based in Dallas, I frequent Southern California and New York City.

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