Custom Productivity Application

Product design, pilot and rollout for Fortune 500 call center




Team Members


Week Pilot

Client Situation

A 300-person call center for a Fortune 500 company needed a new method to track the productivity of the call center agents when they performed manual tasks. When the agents performed certain tasks, the tasks where automatically logged with their telephony system. Manual tasks were not included in the telephony tracking.

The old online tool they used was not included in a a platform migration plan so they needed to create a replacement under a new platform. The organization only a had a few months and the technology team did not have capacity to build a new custom web application.

Our Approach

We first reviewed the existing application to determine its core capabilities and what was needed for agents to perform their job. We determined two main areas of functionality: manual entry and reporting.

After meeting with the technology teams, we confirmed there was no option to build a custom application. The development teams could not meet the deadline that was set for the platform migration.

Next, we surveyed existing applications to find an option with suitable customization. We identified an application-platform that we could build in the tracking and reporting capabilities. We defined the requirements and custom built the application. We then installed a dashboard and automated reporting.

Client Benefit

The result of the project was a working web application. We rolled out a pilot for 2 weeks with a handful of agents. We used this time to tweak the front-end interface and build the dashboard and reporting. After the 2 weeks, we created a training plan and rolled out the application to all of the agents.

The call center did not have a gap in data and reporting due to the custom application.