API to White Label Transition

Changing how they managed their e-commerce marketing and technology support


Million in Additional Benefit


Potential Vendors





Client Situation

A Fortune 100 company needed to make last minute updates to their APIs to sell third party products via their website. It accounted for a substantial portion of annual sales. Historically, they had used an API based approach to integrate inventory on their website. But, was this the best approach? First, they needed to determine if an API approach or white label approach was appropriate.

Our Approach

First, we assessed the goals of the product line and the necessary resources to achieve those goals. Two main themes emerged: ability to quickly test and market and ongoing technical support. Along with the marketing leadership, we determined that a white label approach best suited the goals.

Once we determined the correct approach, we begin an RFP and RFI to find the right partner. To do this, we had to map out every integration point in both front end and back end systems. We started with a handful of potential partners and ended with the top two.

We created a methodology to analyze the potential partners across a number of areas including: pricing, financial benefit, technical support, marketing and analytics support.

Client Benefit

We identified the best approach to sell third party products online and the right vendor. The selection methodology lead the marketing team to a best in-class vendor.

Once we identified the right partner, we scoped out a nearly year long project to take out the APIs and install a new white label that could be managed by the new partner. The project included 5 releases and made the company an additional $20 million per year in revenue.

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