I have an innate desire and passion to create. This desire has driven me to become a professional writer, jazz musician and ever-struggling chef.

I like to take materials, ideas and ingredients and turn them in to something useful. Perhaps this is why I ended up working in technology building products.

Over the years, I've noticed a common mistake when people start to build things. They like to jump ahead to the fun part. Branding. Logos. Color schemes. Product names. URLs. Marketing campaigns.

I can't blame anyone, that part really is a lot of fun. I believe there is a better way to design and build products. Building things is very much a hands on process.

That is why I created handreqs – templates for hand-written product requirements.

Anyone can use them. If you are a seasoned product manager you can use these to guide discussions and planning sessions with those outside of technology. If you are a business leader, you can work through these on your own and use them as a framework for discussions with your technology teams.

I would love to see what you create with handreqs.