An Exciting Announcement about a Life Long Goal

For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for education. I strive to grow my depth and breadth of knowledge on a daily basis. While there are many paths to pursuing an education, the university system has always been close to my heart. After a number of years of diligent work, I will be realizing a lifelong goal.

Starting this fall, I will be joining the Jindal School of Management at the University of Texas at Dallas as a Lecturer in the undergraduate finance program. I will be teaching a course on management consulting that I co-designed.

I've spent the last few years as a guest lecturer, contributing writer, mentor and conference speaker at a number of universities and organizations. Choosing to pursue my academic career at UT Dallas in addition to my professional career was surprisingly easy, though.

It is clear to see why.

  1. I earned my MBA from UT Dallas a few years ago and it has enriched my personal and professional life in more ways than I could have imagined.
  2. The JSOM is consistently ranked as one of the top business programs in the country. (#22 MBA program, #12 MS Finance, #8 quantitative methods and the list goes on)
  3. The students challenge me on a regular basis as I have been involved in the UTD Consulting Club, MBA Open House, Career Management Center Lecture Series and the Davidson Management Honors Mentor Program. I truly believe that UTD has some of the best and brightest students.
  4. I am privileged to work alongside the Director of the Professional Program in Finance to craft a course to prepare students for a career in management consulting. The PPF is making huge strides to prepare students for real world careers in banking and consulting.
  5. The faculty at UTD are world class. I owe much of my professional success to the teaching and practical training I received while in business school. I am excited to join the team as an adjunct lecturer.

As I prepare for the fall semester, I hope to embody the sentiment of one of my childhood role models - physicist and bongo player Dr. Richard Feynman - and encourage my students towards a lifestyle of learning.

feynman quote

12 Things I Learned in Ireland

12 Things I Learned in Ireland (in no particular order)


1. Irish people treat friends like family and family like themselves.  


2. Irish hospitality is real. Imagine Southern hospitality but without the compulsion or obligation. It’s just real and amazing.


3. Everything revolves around tea and food. Including time. You can only say no to tea so many times before you cave. My record was 5 or 6.  


4. I have created a formula to describe the shades of green in the countryside. sG = n + 1. Where n is the number of shades of green you thought existed. There is always just one more.


5. Electric fences hurt.


6. The roads in the country side are smaller than an American economy-sized car. They also happen to be 2-way roads. Don’t worry, they are lined with stone walls and ditches to make it more dangerous. The speed limits are about 300% too fast on the country roads and most people still go faster.


7. Castles are literally everywhere. No one seems to notice they are walking around thousands of years of history. I was in awe.


8. Bulmers is substantially better than Magners.


9. Hurling is the most exciting sport in the world. Seeing Kilkenny vs Dublin live only confirmed it. Next time, All Ireland Finals in Croke Park.


10. I’m not a country boy. I’m a city man. I don’t want to meet my food before I eat it. Or name it!


11. Even though they speak English, I still only comprehended about 60% on the first listen of everything I heard from many people I met. Tip to my heavy-accented friends, open your mouth and slow the feck down.


12. Ireland is a beautiful country with a rich history and amazing people.


The One Major Challenge with Minimalism

The real challenge with minimalism is that it forces introspection.
When you only allow things / people / experiences in your life that either solve a problem, have a purpose or provide a sense of joy, you have to define those things for yourself.
Taking the time to ask, reflect and document the answers to questions like: what problems do I have? What are the root cause? In an ideal state how would I spend my time? What are my core values?
It's easy to get lost in someone else's directive. Consumerism and the constant chase of entertainment are great pacifiers.
The great and comforting thing is that no two paths are alike.
Even while writing this I am still googling living out of a backpack while traveling the world. And also the cost of a house on the Mediterranean. And used Jaguar F Types.

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