Hi. My name is Austin. I'm a consultant, lecturer and author.

Me in 30 Seconds

I help companies build better technology products. I have proven expertise taking high-level product concepts through detailed research, analysis, solutioning, planning, execution and launch.

I’ve helped companies deliver over $1 billion in annual revenue and cost savings benefit with technology products. I’ve launched desktop, e-commerce (both sales and service platforms), Mobile (mobile web, Android, iOS) and back office transaction applications. I’ve created tools, templates and methodologies for companies to define, prioritize, plan, build and launch tech products.

I’ve worked with a top management consulting firm, Fortune 100, middle market and growing companies. I’m an active duty veteran of the United States Air Force where I served as a Hindi linguist.

I hold an MBA in quantitative finance and strategy, a BA in English linguistics and a certificate in Hindi language from the Defense Language Institute.

I’m interested in minimalism, technology advancement, philosophy, education and how these all tie together in blending work and personal life.

Dallas native but I spend time in Southern California and NYC.

I need your help.

What am I up to now?

How I Like to Help

Product Management

I help organizations design tech products, processes and organizations. I start with "wouldn't it be cool if..." and end with a fully defined and documented technology solution that is ready to ship.

Finance and Data Based Decision Making

Do you have a financial and data model for every decision you make? Do you define and then track every data point to ensure you have the proper success metrics? I do.

Rapid Prototyping

I work with small teams to quickly come up with a presentable prototype of a product (software or hardware) or service. The goal is customer feedback, proof of concept, testing and sometimes sales. It should take hours or days, not months and years.

Scalable Process Improvement

Six Sigma. Kanban. Agile. Waterfall. It is all mostly irrelevant. I work with groups to identify the best way to accomplish their goals, define clear constraints, build a process then scale it. Standardize. Optimize. Automate.

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